Our achievements

The DMFAS Programme is achieving good results in supporting developing and Least Developed Countries in the area of debt management. Since 2004, 6 new countries have adopted the DMFAS software. At the end of 2013, the Programme reports the active maintenance and operational use of DMFAS debt databases in 86 institutions in 57 countries. Tangible results also include:

Complete, reliable & up-to-date debt databases:

    • 86% user countries were using DMFAS for external debt reporting and the production of debt statistics
    • 15 central banks monitoring private debt through the DMFAS system
  • More than 25 user countries producing debt validation calendars
  • 34 user countries publishing statistical bulletins
  • 6 user countries undertaking regular debt portfolios reviews  
  • 17 user countries linked to IFMIS

 Some facts on DMFAS countries reporting to the Debtor Reporting System of the World Bank for the elaboration of the Global Development Finance (formerly names World Debt Tables)

  • At the end of 2013, 87% of DMFAS countries reported to DRS
  • 17% of countries improved their rating since 2011


  • 67% of DMFAS countries report to the QEDS (38)
  • 95% of participating DMFAS countries reported for the last quarter 2013 (36 out of 38)

DMFAS countries and the HIPC process

  • Half of all HIPC-status countries are DMFAS beneficiaries (20 over 39 countries)
  • The constitution of a debt database, reconciled with the creditors, is a condition for the HIPC process (completion point)


The DMFAS Programme is proud and honored to be associated with the success of countries in improving their capacity in managing their debt as evidenced by concrete outputs they are producing.