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Trade Facilitation Bodies around the world

National Trade Facilitation Bodies (NTFBs) are important platforms for institutional coordination and stakeholders' consultation with balanced private and public sector participation. They enable the planning and implementation of successful trade facilitation (TF) reforms. UNCTAD has actively participated and supported the establishment of NTFBs in developing countries. In line with this long-standing commitment, in a joint effort lead by UNCTAD with the participation of ITC and UNECE a repository has been created containing case studies from countries that have set up NTFBs.

The data were collected through desk research and a detailed survey with national entities, providing information about different types of NTFBs. A total of 50 country cases included in this repository have been analysed. The results of this analysis can be found here. Background information about NTFBs is available here.

If you would like to send or update your country's experience to this repository, please fill in the questionnaire bellow and send it to trade.logistics@unctad.org or TFbodies@unctad.org


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