Promoting Economic Development in Africa

UNCTAD examines African economic development from global context, builds consensus at the international level on the challenges facing the African countries, and assists in the mobilization of international support measures to promote economic development in Africa.

Despite impressive growth, African countries continue to grapple with the challenges of poverty, unemployment, inequality, commodity dependence and environmental degradation.

UNCTAD assists African countries in addressing these development challenges through research and policy analysis, capacity development, advisory services, and consensus building.

UNCTAD collaborates with leading African institutions such as the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

Main outputs
  • Economic Development in Africa Report (EDAR)
  • Disseminate findings and policy recommendations of EDAR
  • Preparation of Report on UNCTAD’s activities in favour of Africa


20 February 2018Tea and potatoes show potential of intra-Africa agricultural trade
United Nations
25 January 2018In Africa’s Great Lakes region, UNCTAD helps build peace through cross-border trade
27 September 2017African tourists bring better jobs for women and youth
28 August 2017Sustainable Tourism - A tool for development and poverty eradication
28 July 2017Regional action crucial for financial inclusion of small enterprises in Africa
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