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Technical Cooperation through the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

The Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is a multi-donor programme, which assists least-developed countries (LDCs) in their effort to build their productive capacities and play a more active role in the global trading system. The programme is supported by six core partner agencies namely, UNCTAD, ITC, UNDP, IMF,  the World Bank and the WTO, with UNIDO and UNWTO  as an observer agencies.

The main objectives of the EIF are to:

  • Mainstream trade into national development strategies
  • Set up national structure to coordinate the delivery of trade-related technical assistance, and
  • Build capacity to trade, which also includes addressing critical supply-side constraints

Technical assistance activities are tailor-made and demand-driven, and are provided upon request of LDCs or regional organizations.

Main Outputs

  • Advisory services on trade mainstreaming
  • Preparation of Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies (DTIS)
  • Implementation of technical cooperation projects as a follow up to DTIS


10 April 2015Putting trade at the heart of poverty-reduction policies in Africa
02 July 2014Challenges of transit trade and trade facilitation in West Africa addressed by UNCTAD at workshop
30 April 2014Cabo Verde’s musical and handicrafts culture can add value to its tourist industry, UNCTAD report concludes
18 November 2013Assisting the Least Developed Countries on preparation for 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia (3-6 December 2013)
Flag of Cambodia
21 July 2013Panel discusses Cambodia: bicycle industry challenges and the fate of trade benefits
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