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Trade and poverty reduction

The Trade and Poverty Unit focuses on research and policy analysis on the links between trade and poverty reduction in Africa and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs,) with the aim of providing concrete policy recommendations. The overall goal of the Unit is to increase understanding of the role of trade as an engine of growth and poverty reduction.

To this end, the research and analysis work of the Unit examines the linkages in the trade-poverty nexus, addressing key areas which include:

  • The composition of trade and the nature of specialization.
  • The level of development and the structure of production and employment.
  • The interdependence between trade and other international economic relations.
  • The role of trade policy in national development strategies.

Main Outputs

  • Trade and Poverty Policy Series (forthcoming)
  • Research seminars on trade and development issues
  • Contributions to UN System Task Team on the post-2015 UN Development Agenda


World We Want - Post 2015
23 January 2013UNCTAD to lead post-2015 e-discussion on development-led globalization
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