UNCTAD and Civil Society

UNCTAD believes that enhanced cooperation between the private and the public sector is essential to the effective integration of developing countries into the global economy and seeks ways to involve civil society organizations, academia, trade unions, parliamentarians and business associations in its work.
Cooperation with civil society is mutually beneficial: it helps civil society actors, empowering and enhancing their advocacy role in support of sustainable development, while adding value to the work of UNCTAD and its member States in achieving tangible development outcomes.
The Civil Society Outreach (CSO) Unit of UNCTAD is responsible for liaison and outreach to civil society. Its role is to encourage and facilitate participation and engagement of civil society in the work of UNCTAD.
This includes:
  • Organizing the annual UNCTAD Public Symposium
  • Organizing civil society activities and events at UNCTAD Conferences
  • Organizing hearings, consultations, briefings and informal meetings with experts and civil society
  • Reviewing and processing requests for accreditation and observer status with UNCTAD
  • Providing civil society with relevant information and documentation on UNCTAD activities
  • Liaising and interacting with other UN system focal points for civil society


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CSO NEWSLETTER, November 2006 (UNCTAD/IAOS/2006/6)
CSO NEWSLETTER, August 2006 (UNCTAD/IAOS/2006/5)
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