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Membership of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development

The Commission has forty-three Member States elected by ECOSOC for a term of four years. Experts nominated by their respective governments should possess the necessary qualifications and professional or scientific knowledge.

The Commission has:

  • eleven members from African States
  • nine members from Asia-Pacific States
  • eight members from Latin American and Caribbean States
  • five members from Eastern European States
  • ten members from Western European and other States

At each session, the Commission elects a new Bureau (a Chairperson and four Vice-Chairpersons) for the next session. The Bureau assumes responsibilities for the forthcoming activities during the inter-sessional period.

(last update: 21 November 2014)


Region Country End of term
Africa Cameroon 2016
Central African Republic 2016
Lesotho 2014
Liberia 2016
Mauritius 2018
Nigeria 2016
Rwanda 2014
Tanzania 2014
Togo 2014
Tunisia 2014
Zambia 2016
Asia-Pacific China 2018
India 2018
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2018
Japan 2016
Oman 2016
Philippines 2014
Saudi Arabia 2014
Sri Lanka 2016
Turkmenistan 2016
Eastern Europe Bulgaria 2018
Hungary 2016
Latvia 2018
Russian Federation 2016
Latin America and Caribbean Brazil 2016
Chile 2016
Costa Rica 2016
Cuba 2018
Dominican Republic 2018
El Salvador 2014
Mexico 2016
Peru 2018
Western Europe and other states Austria 2016
Finland 2016
France 2014
Germany 2016
Malta 2014
Portugal 2016
Sweden 2018
Switzerland 2016
Turkey 2018
United States of America 2018

Angola, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Mauritania, Pakistan, Poland, Thailand, Uganda and United Kingdom will join the CSTD as of 01.01.2015.



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