Entrepreneurship Policy Framework and Implementation Guidance

aims to support developing country policymakers in the design of initiatives, measures and institutions to promote entrepreneurship.

  • Identifies policy objectives and options in the form of recommended actions
  • Proposes checklists, case studies and good practices
  • Provides an interactive online inventory of good practices
  • Offers a user guide and methods for policy monitoring and evaluation
  • Provides a set of indicators to measure progress

Key Components of the UNCTAD Entrepreneurship Policy Framework

Diagram 1 Formulating national entrepreneurship strategy2 Optimizing the regulatory environment3 Enhancing entrepreneurship education and skills4 Facilitating technology and innovation5 Improving access to finance6 Promoting awareness and networking


Dominican Republic
12 April 2016Dominican Republic to finalize an action plan to implement its National Entrepreneurship Strategy
07 May 2014UNCTAD's Entrepreneurship Policy Framework presented at the National Assembly of Ecuador
01 May 2014High-level panel from Africa backs youth entrepreneurship policies
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Latest News
The Framework has been endorsed in 2012 by:
  • Bill Clinton in his address to UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum, together with UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Framework
  • Over 40 ministers at UNCTAD’s
    quadrennial ministerial conference, UNCTAD XIII in Doha, Qatar
Guidance Online Inventory of Best Practive in Entrepreneurship Policy Guide

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