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The Entrepreneurship Policy Framework and Implementation Guidance aims to support developing country policymakers in the design of initiatives, measures and institutions to promote entrepreneurship. It identifies policy objectives and options in the form of recommended actions, and proposes checklists, case studies and good practices. It also offers a user guide and methods for policy monitoring and evaluation, suggesting a set of indicators to measure progress.

Key Components of the Framework:

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 Pick of the month

01 Feb 2018 - Tanzania Inclusive National Entrepreneurship Strategy (★★★★)
Tanzania - Entrepreneurship strategy
Implementing an inclusive entrepreneurship strategy, considering the social and environmental challenges to address the economic, social and regulatory barrier...
02 Feb 2018 - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers (★★★★)
United Kingdom - Entrepreneurship education & skills
The guidance reflects current thinking and practice in Enterprise adn Entrepreneurship Education. It provides support to academics, educators and practicioner...
01 Feb 2018 - Strategy to develop entrepreneurship and innovation (★★★★)
Ecuador - Entrepreneurship strategy
The strategy set the ambition target to transform Ecuador in one of the most attractive countries in Latin America to start and grow a business, generating new...

 The Toolkit


UNCTAD offers technical assistance to build the capacity on entrepreneurship policy design and implementation, to identify constraints, and develop a national strategy and action plan.

The step-by-step approach illustrated in this tutorial provides policy-makers with a comprehensive picture of UNCTAD's framework and tools.

The Toolkit


Latin America
02 December 2016Entrepreneurship Policy Workshop in Latin America
The Gambia
13 October 2016Entrepreneurship Policy workshop in The Gambia
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 Good Practices in Entrepreneurship


An inventory of good practices in entrepreneurship development includes selected policies and programmes from countries around the world.

You may filter the cases by country and policy areas.

Database of Good Practices in Entrepreneurship

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