Investment Country Profiles
Investment Country Profiles presents systematically, at the country level, inward and outward FDI flows and stocks, the activities of transnational corporations (TNCs) and basic information on the largest TNCs in and from these countries.

They consist of:
  • Highlights: A summary of major trends based on presented tables in the profiles.
  • Definition and sources of the data: the methodology used by the each individual country to define FDI and its components and identifies different sources in collecting those data.
  • Statistics of FDI and the operations of TNCs: It provides a detailed data set on inward and outward FDI flows and stocks together with geographical and industry breakdown.
    It also present available variables related to the activities foreign affiliates in the country and foreign affiliates of home-based TNCs. Only the data which are highlighted in the Tables of Contents are presented in the Investment Country Profile.


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