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Invest in pharmaceutical production in LDCs: a guide for policy makers and IPAs

This publication examines the recent changes in the pharmaceutical industry at large and its implications for local pharmaceutical production in the LDCs. Suggestions are made, based on UNCTAD´s experience in providing technical assistance in this area, on how investment and technology transfer to support local production of pharmaceuticals in LDCs can be a means to help ensure greater access to high quality medicaments at reasonable cost.

Investment in LDCs: lessons learned from the past decade and the way forward

The publication examines trends in FDI flows to LDCs as well as policy developments with regard to the regulatory framework concerning FDI at the national and international levels. It contains country profiles and provides information on investment promotion agencies, developments in the international legal framework as well as bilateral and institutional agreements. It draws lessons from the past decade in attracting and benefiting from FDI for Development and the way forward.


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