About the Intellectual Property Programme Division on Investment and Enterprise
The IP programme seeks to help developing countries participate effectively in international discussions on intellectual property rights and at the national level, to help ensure that their IP policies are consonant with development objectives.
The programme engages in research and policy analysis, technical assistance and workshops/policy dialogues with negotiators, policy makers, the private sector, academia and civil society.
Specific objectives:
  • Deepen the understanding in developing countries of the relationship between IP and development, with a view to building consensus on making IP work for development.

  • Identify ways and means to use flexibility in international IP architecture to promote the technological capabilities and other public policy objectives of developing countries.

  • Examine the implications of regional and bilateral trade and investment agreements for developing countries´ IP policies.

  • Provide a forum for exchange of experiences and best practices in the formulation of development-oriented IP policies.

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