Development Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights

TOT-IP logo Responding to the new mandate received from Member States at the Ministerial Conference in Doha, as well as to the requests contained in the WIPO Development Agenda and the World Health Assembly´s Resolution 61.21 on a Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property, the UNCTAD Secretariat is implementing a work programme on the development dimensions of intellectual property (IP) rights.

The IP programme conducts research and analysis on trade and development aspects of intellectual property and facilitates consensus-building in international discussions on issues at the interface between investment and intellectual property.   More >



Flag of South Africa
31 May 2018South Africa adopts new IP policy improving access to medicine
Global Goal 3
20 October 2017Fighting the war on antibiotic resistance with new investment schemes -- Q&A with Christoph Spennemann
04 November 2016East African pharma companies missing out on fast growing $5 billion opportunity
17 October 2014Investments needed to scale up access to essential medicines
01 May 2014The role of intellectual property in technology transfer and competition
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