Development Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights

TOT-IP logo Responding to the new mandate received from Member States at the Ministerial Conference in Doha, as well as to the requests contained in the WIPO Development Agenda and the World Health Assembly´s Resolution 61.21 on a Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property, the UNCTAD Secretariat is implementing a work programme on the development dimensions of intellectual property (IP) rights.

The IP programme conducts research and analysis on trade and development aspects of intellectual property and facilitates consensus-building in international discussions on issues at the interface between investment and intellectual property.   More >



19 Dec 08 - Balancing health concerns and pharmaceutical patents
22 Dec 06 - Meeting the MDGs: the production of affordable pharmaceuticals in developing countries
27 Oct 06 - Encouraging pharmaceutical production in developing countries
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 Events and Meetings

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
11 Feb 2016Access and Benefit Sharing Rules under the Nagoya Protocol and Intellectual Property Rights (Cusco)CuscoPeru
08-09 Feb 2016Access and Benefit Sharing Rules under the Nagoya Protocol and Intellectual Property Rights (Lima)LimaPeru
21-23 Sep 2015Workshop on Policy Coherence for local production of pharmaceutical products and other means to improve access to medicine and medical products in the East African CommunityKampalaUganda
06-09 Sep 2015Workshop on Policy Coherence for Local Pharmaceutical Production and Access to Medicines: The Experiences of Thailand and VietnamHya HinThailand
03 Sep 2012Japan’s Experience with the Regulation of Technology-Licensing Agreements: What Lessons for Developing Countries? GenevaSwitzerland
17-18 May 2011Presentation of WHO-UNCTAD-ICTSD project: Improving access to medicines in developing countries through local production and related technology transfer
03-06 Apr 2011International Conference on Local Pharmaceutical Production in AfricaCape Town
02-03 Mar 2011What comes after Nagoya? Addressing developing country needs in intellectual property rights and biodiversity
06-09 Dec 2009Workshop on Flexibilities in the International Intellectual Property Rules and the Local Production of Pharmaceuticals for the Southern, Central and West African RegionCape Town
06-07 Jul 2009Ministerial Breakfast Roundtable at the ECOSOC High Level Segment on the Global Public Health, High-Quality, and Low-Cost Pharmaceutical Production in Developing Countries
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