UNCTAD-ICTSD Reports: Development Dimension of Intellectual Property
As part of the joint UNCTAD-ICTSD Project on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development, UNCTAD produces, upon request by a developing country or least-developed country (LDC), a number of reports on the development dimensions of intellectual property (DDIP).
The objective of a DDIP report is to examine developing countries´ and LDCs´ policy, legal and institutional framework for IPRs, particularly as it relates to important development objectives such as innovation, technology, FDI, competition and health. In addition, a DDIP report will take into consideration the bilateral, regional and international commitments the target countries have entered into and the flexibilities available to them.
Based on this analysis, the reports will incorporate medium to long-term recommendations on how governments and other stakeholders could make these frameworks more coherent and transparent, with a view to making IPRs contribute to a country´s sustainable economic and human development goals, and respond to emerging global opportunities.
The aim will be to present an analysis and recommendations designed to promote innovation and technology transfer from abroad, as well as a pro-competitive and transparent domestic IP system. The DDIPs will take due account of the importance of maintaining an appropriate public domain and the means to pursue important public interest objectives.
A DDIP will not be limited to a legal analysis but will also examine, through fact finding missions and interviews with stakeholders, the domestic circumstances that are affected by the extent of dissemination of knowledge which are the subject of IPRs.


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