Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD)


Pooling UNCTAD's cumulative expertise on national and international investment policymaking, the IPFSD responds to a fast-changing international investment landscape where new issues relate to:

  • Evolving economic geography

  • Questions about policy coherence and effectiveness

  • Systemic flaws in the current system

  • The need to mainstream "sustainability" in investment strategies

To facilitate the development of a new generation of investment policies, the IPFSD addresses these new challenges in line with the objective to make investment work for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The IPFSD consists of a set of Core Principles for investment policymaking and translates them into: Guidelines for national investment policies, and options and provisions for the design and use of International Investment Agreements (IIAs)

The IPFSD is meant to be the point of reference for all investment stakeholders, gathering in one handbook a comprehensive list of options designed to support rule-makers in shaping modern investment policies.

The framework has already served as a reference tool for investment policy design and redesign in several regions, and is often cited by prominent experts and investment policymakers in the context of the reform and evolution of the IIA regime. A recent Word Economic Forum report (The Case for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment) singled out the IPFSD and UNCTAD proposals to incorporate CSR principles in international investment policy as "significant work" that could help advance a multilateral approach to IIAs "by providing political and strategic direction".




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