Intensive Training Sessions for Negotiators of International Investment Agreements (IIAs)
Audience: A selected group of 20-25 negotiators of international investment agreements, policy-makers and government officials involved in investment issues, IIA experts, academia, private sector and NGO representatives.
Format: Two-weeks intensive training courses for each region of the world (Asia and the Pacific, English-speaking Africa, Francophone Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean) based on the IIA Series and other relevant issues.

4 training modules:
  • Economic environment of FDI (brief overview and effects on development)
  • Issues and key concepts relevant to the analysis and negotiation of IIAs
  • Procedural issues relevant to the negotiations of IIAs
  • Simulation exercise: negotiation of a comprehensive investment agreement

Lectures by academic and practitioners, sharing of experience with negotiators from other regions, stocktaking and analysis of relevant IIAs, analysis of relevant dispute settlement cases, simulation exercises.
Cooperation: The training sessions are organized in cooperation with regional partner institutions.
Contact: For further information, please contact Anna Joubin-Bret or Marie-Estelle Rey
List of training sessions:


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