Regional and National Seminars for Decision Makers from Capital
Audience: Policy-makers and government officials involved in investment issues, negotiators of international investment agreements from developing country capitals.
Format: Two-days workshops, organized jointly with the WTO, to better evaluate the implications of closer multilateral cooperation in the area of long-term cross-border investment, particularly FDI, for development policies and objectives, and to review existing international instruments dealing with investment with a view towards drawing lessons from a development perspective.
Contact: For further information, please contact Joerg Weber.
Regional seminars:
  • Post-Doha Joint UNCTAD/WTO Seminars on "An evaluation of closer multilateral cooperation in the area of long-term cross-border investment, particularly FDI" for:
    • Asia, Qatar, July 2003.
    • Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico, July 2003.
    • Central and Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, June 2003.
    • Asia-Pacific Region, Pakistan, June 2003.
    • Latin America and the Caribbean, Jamaica, April 2003.
    • English-speaking Africa, Botswana, February 2003.
    • Francophone Africa, Djibouti, January 2003.
    • Latin America and the Caribbean, Peru, October 2002.
    • Latin America and the Caribbean, Costa Rica, August 2002.
    • Francophone Africa, Libreville, Gabon, 19-21 June 2002.
    • Asia-Pacific Region, Singapore, 6-8 May 2002.
  • International Conference on "Trade, Investment and Development", India, May 2003.
  • Joint UNCTAD/WTO Regional Seminar on "Trade, Investment and Development", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14-15 March 2001.
  • Sub-regional Workshop for South Asia (SAARC), Colombo, Sri Lanka,15-16 December 1999.
  • Sub-regional Symposium for regional integration and Central America (with Secretaria de Integración Económica Centroamericana), Guatemala City, Guatemala, 9-10 December 1999.
  • Symposium for Latin America and the Caribbean (with Centro Internacional de Educación y Desarrollo - PDVSA), Caracas, Venezuela, 6-8 December 1999.
  • Regional Symposium for LDCs, Geneva, Switzerland, 29 September-1 October 1999.
  • Inter-Regional Symposium (with UNDP), Xiamen, China, 9-10 September 1999.
  • Regional Symposium for Arab Countries (with the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and the League of Arab Nations), Cairo, Egypt, 7-18 May 1999.
  • Regional Symposium for Andean Pact (with OAS and the General Secretariat of the Andean Community), Lima, Peru, 4-6 November 1998.
  • Regional Symposium for the Caribbean (with OAS and the University of West Indies), Kingston, Jamaica, 28-29 September 1998.
  • Regional Symposium for Asia, New Delhi, India, 15-16 July 1998.
  • Regional Symposium for Africa, Fez, Morocco, 19-20 June 1997.
National seminars:
  • Yemen, October 2003.
  • Cuba, July 2003.
  • Malaysia, May 2003.
  • Mauritania, May 2003.
  • Argentina, April 2003.
  • Colombia, April 2003.
  • Morocco, March 2003.
  • Tunisia, December 2002.
  • Sri Lanka, November 2002.
  • Guatemala, October 2002.
  • Venezuela, October 2002.
  • Indonesia, May 2002.
  • China, May 2002.

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