Advisory Services
Investment Promotion Section (IPS)
Development context: With the globalization of economic activities, developing countries are increasingly seeking foreign direct investment (FDI). This has resulted in proactive policies to attract and retain FDI in order to generate employment, increase exports and improve access to technology and know-how, including management and marketing skills.
Objectives: IPS advisory services aim at assisting developing countries to strengthen their capacity to create and manage the policy and institutional framework for attracting and retaining foreign investment.
Features: The IPS programme deals with issues related to investment policies, investment legislation and regulations, institutional arrangements and good governance to attract and facilitate foreign investment, investment promotion strategies and techniques and investment facilitation practices. Special attention is being paid to strengthening investment promotion programmes in least developed countries (LDCs).
Main donors: China, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
UNCTAD´s assistance on investment facilitation and promotion is demand driven. For enquiries please write to
Samples of recent advisory services:
  • Syria: strengthening investment promotion and facilitation at Syria Investment Agency, including the one stop shop.
  • Easter, Southern Europe and Central Asia: Investment Ombudsman System as an alternative dispute resolution through IPAs. (Case study)
  • El Salvador: Development of an investor targeting strategy in the medical devices sector.
  • Ethiopia: Strengthening investment promotion and facilitation in Ethiopia at the federal and regional levels (included subnational investment opportunities reports and sectoral investor targeting strategies).
  • Honduras: Recommendations on a national investment promotion strategy.
  • Greater Mekong Region: Advice on mobility of business people particularly for the purpose of investment promotion (China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam).
  • Kenya: Advice on policy advocacy objectives, process and tools.
  • Lao PDR: Advice on service excellence in investment and development of a client charter.
  • Malta: Review of an investment promotion strategy.
  • Palestinian Authority: Institutional support and capacity building for investment retention.
  • Peru: Strengthening investment promotion capacity and development of an investor targeting strategy in agro-industry.
  • Rwanda: Development of client charters for government institutions dealing with investment.
  • Serbia: Development of an investment promotion strategy for Vojvodina.
  • Silk Road Region: Development of an investment guide for the Silk Road
  • Zambia: Advice and training on service excellence in investment and development of a client charter.


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