Investment Policy Reviews
Investment Policy Reviews 

UNCTAD´s Investment Policy Reviews provide an objective evaluation of the country´s legal, regulatory and institutional framework for FDI to attract increased foreign and direct investment, as well as how to maximize the benefits from it. The review includes FDI entry and establishment, treatment and protection of investment, taxation, the business environment and sectoral regulations. The strategic analysis is tailored to country needs. Recommendations are concrete and action-oriented.   



Flag of Morocco
22 January 2016UNCTAD supports Morocco in its efforts to attract investment and benefit more from it
07 December 2015Madagascar seeks to improve its attractiveness to foreign investors
04 December 2015Bosnia and Herzegovina to harmonize business procedures to boost Foreign Direct Investment
01 October 2015Madagascar reviews its investment policy, with UNCTAD assistance
16 July 2015Three stories that explain why many developing countries have considered implementing an UNCTAD Investment Policy Review
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