Competition Law and Consumer Protection Policy

The objective of UNCTAD's work on competition and consumer policies is to ensure that partner countries enjoy the benefits of increased competition, open and contestable markets, private sector investment in key sectors and ultimately that consumers achieve improved welfare.

The Competition and Consumer Policies Programme services the Intergovernmental Group of Experts (IGE) on Competition Law and Policy and the Ad-hoc Expert Group meeting on Consumer protection policies annually, undertakes competition policy peer reviews, publishes the UNCTAD Model law on competition and the Handbook on competition legislation and implements sector specific and economy-wide competition and consumer policies reforms that create a level playing field amongst companies and consumers, increasing the effectiveness of antitrust and consumer protection policies.

The highest intergovernmental body is the United Nations review Conferences to Review the Set on Competition policy which is held every five years.

The Research Partnership Platform work stream are circulated and feed into to the IGE and inform their discussions.

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 Events and Meetings

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
10-12 Jun 2015Second phase needs assessment for Morocco; a CCPB MENA Programme beneficiary countryRabatMorocco
08-12 Jun 2015Consultation on development of an online complaint filing system for Competition and Tariff Commission of ZimbabweHarareZimbabwe
05 Jun 2015Awareness raising seminar on the role of competition law in ZimbabweHarareZimbabwe
04 Jun 2015Consultations on the Revision of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer ProtectionGenevaSwitzerland
03-04 Jun 20156th Islamic Conference Organization‘s seminar on Competition Policy and law TunisTunisia
19 May 201510th General Assembly of the Global Network of Eximbanks and Development Finance Institutions (DFI), and workshop on South/South cooperation and Post-2015 Development Agenda: initiatives and challenges for trade flowsGenevaSwitzerland
28 Apr 2015Pre-ICN Presentation of UNCTAD’s work on the forthcoming 7th UN Review Conference, GLOBAL COMPAL and Competitive NeutralitySydney CBDAustralia
27-28 Apr 2015UNCTAD's field visit to Singapore to identify needs and priorities in the area of sectorial consumer protection enforcementSingapore CitySingapore
24-26 Apr 2015UNCTAD field visit to Brunei Darussalam to identify needs and priorities in the area of sectorial consumer protection enforcementBrunei Darussalam
20-22 Apr 2015UNCTAD field visit to Malaysia to identify needs and priorities in the area of sectorial consumer protection enforcementKuala LumpurMalaysia
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06 May 2014Competition and consumer protection programme expands to cover Middle East and North Africa
01 May 2014The role of intellectual property in technology transfer and competition
02 March 2014UNCTAD signs MoU to launch Masters degree course
20 February 2014Albania's competition law in the spotlight as UNCTAD visits Tirana
10 November 2013National Capacity Building Workshop for Judges in Costa Rica
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