Interagency Project: Strengthening the creative industries in five ACP countries through employment and trade expansion
UNCTAD International labour Organization - ILO UNESCO ACP European Union Development

This project — to enhance the economic potential of the creative industries in five African, Caribbean and Pacific countries — embodies a new approach to this fast-growing sector.

By nurturing and building upon cultural assets already existing in these countries, the project intends to develop the music, film, performing arts, publishing and other related creative industries, through a variety of activities spread over 4 years (2008-2011).

Beneficiary countries:


The project intends to offer examples of effective ways of stimulating the creative economies of developing countries.

UNCTAD offers policy advice intended to enhance supply capacities and trade as well as attract additional investment to the creative field in the five selected countries.

ILO focuses mainly on promoting entrepreneurship, employment and decent work in the creative sector.

UNESCO promotes standard setting in the cultural field, seeks to safeguard cultural diversity, encourages dialogue among cultures, and strives to enhance the linkages between culture and development.


This pilot project is funded by the 9th European Development Fund of the European Commission, as a component of the Support Programme to ACP Cultural Industries with the institutional support of the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group.

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