About Us
The Project
  • Offers a Course on Dispute Settlement with:
    • downloadable modules
    • other relevant information and materials
  • Provides training through regional workshops in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Offers internships
  • Provides country assistance
The Project benefits from:
  • Collaboration with a network of regional and national institutions
  • Guidance and advice from Board of Advisers
Organizations and institutions wishing to benefit from UNCTAD´s Dispute Settlement workshops can send their request to us by email or fax. Persons or institutions, governmental, non-governmental, from academia or other, wishing to be included in the project´s mailing list, may register here.
The Project developed a network of international lawyers specializing in international dispute settlement. At the launch of the initiative a facility of lawyers for multilateral collaboration was created on a trial basis. Experience to date, indicates the need for other forms of legal assistance. Hence, new ideas are currently being studied to respond more effectively to these specific needs. Ideas and suggestions, based on research and/or experience, will make a welcome contribution to the development of the Project.

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