Duty-Free and Quota-Free Market Access for LDCs

The Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference December 2005 in Hong Kong agreed that developed countries, and developing-country Members declaring themselves in a position to do so should provide duty-free and quota-free (DFQF) market access for all products originating from all LDCs by 2008. The subsequent WTO Ministerial Conferences reaffirmed the commitments to fully implement the DFQF market access and urged members that did not implement the commitments to do so.

Developed countries provide DFQF market access to LDC products under their GSP schemes. The coverage of products for DFQF treatment reaches 90 to 100 per cent for most of developed countries. The relevant information can be found in the GSP Handbooks of respective countries.

Some developing countries also provide DFQF market access to LDC products. The Handbooks on the preferential tariff schemes in favour of LDCs are prepared for providing in a consolidated and concise form, information regarding the tariff advantages and the conditions which need to be met to benefit from the respective DFQF measures for LDC products.



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