Trade, Gender and Development


Economic policies impact different segments of the population, including men and women, in different ways. In turn, gender inequalities impact on trade policy outcomes and economic growth. Taking into account gender perspectives in macro-economic policy, including trade policy, is essential to pursuing inclusive and sustainable development and to achieving fairer and beneficial outcomes for all.

UNCTAD plays a key role in ensuring that gender considerations are incorporated in a meaningful way in trade policies. Through its work programme on Trade, Gender and Development, UNCTAD supports its member countries in:

  • assessing the distinct effect of economic policies, especially trade policy, on men and women, boys and girls; identifying gender-based constraints that impede inclusive development; and devising strategies and policy measures to overcome them.

  • mainstreaming gender into trade policy through the inclusion of gender considerations in policy formulation and implementation, and in the negotiations of trade and other agreements at the multilateral, regional and bilateral levels.



06 December 2017WTO MC11 negotiations: prospects for fish, women and non-tariff measures
Goal 5
15 November 2017Woman entrepreneur from Tanzania wins “Start-up for SDGs” contest
26 October 2017Making trade work better for women -- a step in the right direction
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28 September 2017Toolbox helps governments ensure trade empowers women
18 September 2017Making women’s economic empowerment a reality
Goal 5
03 August 2017Etching gender into trade policy in the COMESA region
10 July 2017How do trade policies impact women? UNCTAD launches the trade and gender toolbox
29 May 2017COMESA special edition of UNCTAD online course on trade and gender launched today!
21 April 2017COMESA pilots special edition of UNCTAD online course on trade and gender - Call for applications
UN Women
23 March 2017Women must play a bigger role in trade
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