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Services Policy Review Series
UNCTAD Services Policy Reviews (SPRs) support the development of the services sector in developing countries. It is a systematic review of economic, regulatory and institutional frameworks characterizing the services sectors, with the aim of identifying trade policy options that advance national sectoral development objectives. UNCTAD SPRs are demand-driven.
The challenge facing countries in the current contex is how to make their economies more resilient to external shocks by diversifying their markets, their production and export sectors, particularly through services sectors and the facilitated movement of natural persons. Moreover, greater coherence in trade, development and financial and monetary policies has become essential, including by strengthening regulations in the infrastructure services sector and the financial sector more specifically.
Deliberated policies and reforms, as well as improved institutions, can enable countries to access the needed infrastructure and financial resources, skill transfer and technologies needed to modernize services sectors, thereby helping build capacities for the provision of higher value added services for both domestic and export markets.
UNCTAD seeks to increase the participation of developing countries in global services production and trade through:
  • Strenghthening their services capacity, efficiency and competitiveness
  • Improving regulatory and institutional frameworks for the services sectors
  • Increasing technical knowledge and expertise of high level negotiators, policy makers and regulators

UNCTAD SPRs in developing countries contribute to achieving these objectives. UNCTAD´s SPR work is financed through the General Trust Fund on Services, Development and Trade and the Development Account.



Services Policy Review: Peru (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2013/11)
Services Policy Review: Uganda (II) (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2013/12)
Services Policy Review: Rwanda (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2013/6)
Services Policy Review: Lesotho (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2012/1)
Services Policy Reviews (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2013/1)
National Services Policy Review: Nepal (UNCTAD/DITC/TNCD/2010/3)
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