Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Our technical assistance aims at helping develop human, institutional and regulatory capacities in developing countries, especially LDCs, to:
  • formulate, articulate and implement appropriate national and regional policies and strategies to participate effectively in, and derive maximum benefit from, international trade and trade negotiations;
  • establish their own negotiating priorities and negotiate trade agreements, especially regarding the multilateral trading system;
  • increase their participation in global services trade;
  • assess the impact of trade agreements in particular the WTO agreements, and multilateral trade negotiations, on their trade and development prospects;
  • supporting regional integration and the promotion of South-South trade and cooperation;
  • building awareness of preferential trade agreements and other trade laws, and contributing to a better utilization of such preferences; and
  • develop a cadre of home grown expertise on international trade, trade negotiation and dispute settlement.

Our main technical assistance projects supported by extra-budgetary sources
  • JITAP (Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme), implemented with WTO and ITC;
  • Trade in Services including regional specific, such as for SADC;
  • WTO Accession;
  • Generalized System of preferences and other trade laws;
  • Dispute Settlement in international trade, investment and intellectual property;
  • Commercial Diplomacy;
  • Trade Capacity Development for Sub-Saharan Africa, implemented with UNDP, ECA and other African organizations;
  • Several country-specific projects.


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