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Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy
Making trade and trade negotiations work for developing countries and countries with economies in transition
Trade Negotiations and Commercial DiplomacyThe Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy Branch (TNCDB) contributes to maximizing the trade and development prospects of developing countries and economies in transition, assisting them in their beneficial integration into the globalizing and liberalizing world economy and the international trading system, and effectively implementing the Millennium Declaration commitment "to an open, equitable, rule-based, predictable, and non-discriminatory multilateral trading and financial system".
The work of the Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy Branch aims to strengthen human, institutional and policy-making capacities by formulating and implementing national trade policy frameworks conducive to economic, human and social development and poverty alleviation, as well as in participating effectively in multilateral, regional and subregional trade negotiations.
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Flag of Tunisia
10 June 2015Tunisia studies possible participation in the World Trade Organization's Information Technology Agreement
11 February 2015Trade Policy Framework for Jamaica: UNCTAD supports Jamaica in improving trade performance and mainstream trade in its development strategy
20 January 2015Educating a future generation of trade negotiators in Asia
10 December 2014Can the multilateral trading system contribute to inclusive and sustainable development?
21 October 2014Angola prepares Trade Policy Framework with assistance of UNCTAD
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