Training & Research Activities
To achieve its goals, the Programme has been developing different kinds of activities, such as:
Regional and subregional meetings
  • To identify the main existing institutions (governmental, academic, private sector "think tanks", etc.), their research and training needs, and the "capacity-building" actions that could be initiated.
Training courses and seminars on international trade issues
  • For policy-makers, government officials, trainers, businessmen and parliamentarians at the national or the regional level, based on the Programme´s training material.
Simulations of trade negotiations
  • To assist negotiators in developing and least developed countries to prepare for trade negotiations.
Participation in ongoing national programmes and UNCTAD technical assistance activities
  • Related training and research on multilateral trade negotiations is supported by the Programme.
  • Capacity Building and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries: Post-Doha Work Programme (UNCTAD/RMS/TCS/1).
Policy papers
  • On the preparation of national, subregional and regional strategies for multilateral trade negotiations, in order to "customize" the Programme´s training material and contribute to the formulation of the positive agenda.
Dissemination of the Programme´s training and research material
  • To a large spectrum of domestic and regional institutions devoted to training and research in the field of international trade.
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