Who we are
TNCDB fields of expertise
The TNCDB analytical and technical assistance work covers several areas of trade negotiation at national, regional, interregional and multilateral levels involving policy and development audits. TNCDB produces advice on best practices and capacity-building. The specific issues areas include, among others:
  • Trade policy formulation and regulatory frameworks to enhance the contribution of trade to development.
  • Trade in Services including legal and economic analysis on developmental issues arising from WTO and regional negotiations. This analysis feeds into our technical assistance activities which include capacity and institution building, as well as the provision of specific advice to negotiators, trade policy makers and other affected stakeholders.
  • Trade in Agriculture and Non-agriculture market Access (NAMA) encompassing analytical work on current and emerging issues in negotiations, and implications of different modalities and options.
  • Trade preferences, including the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) which tools that help developing countries to understand preferential and non-preferential rules of origin, as well as laws and regulations governing market access conditions, and to increase their trading opportunities under existing preferential arrangements.
  • Dispute Settlement activities enhancing the understanding of officials, academics attorneys and businesses about settling disputes related to trade, investment and intellectual property.
  • Trade Rules issues assisting policy makers and trade negotiators by providing training material toolkits addressing key trade-remedies and other rules issues.
  • Intellectual Property Rights providing and disseminating analysis on their trade and development impact.
  • WTO Accession facilitating the accession of developing countries and economies in transition to WTO on terms consistent with their levels of development, and their ability to implement obligations associated with WTO membership.
  • Regional integration processes supporting regional integration efforts and South-South trade and cooperation.

Who do we deal with?
In performing its functions, TNCDB works together with UN member Governments and with organizations of the UN system, including at the regional level. We also interact with other governmental institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, research institutions and universities worldwide. We are in contact with Geneva-based diplomatic missions as well as capital-based trade officials, and collaborate closely with the WTO.

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