Non-Tariff Measures in World Trade


The ability to gain and to benefit from market access opportunities depends increasingly on compliance with non-tariff measures (NTMs), such as sanitary and phytosanitary measures and technical regulations and norms.

These measures represent a major challenge for exporters, importers and policymakers. Although many NTMs have primarily non-trade objectives, such as the protection of public health or the environment, they may affect trade and can unintentionally become discriminatory against smaller exporters and poorer countries.

It is important for developing countries to understand the use of NTMs and their implications for the formulation and implementation of effective development strategies. However, comprehensive, systematic and reliable information about NTMs is scarce and difficult to obtain.

UNCTAD coordinates the international effort to improve access and increase transparency with regard to NTMs, and trains experts globally to collect and classify information about these measures.



01 November 2016World Tariff Profiles 2016 now available
Goal 12
06 October 2016Trade regulators must strike a delicate balance
22 July 2016Launch of the largest global Non-Tariff Measures database: TRAINS
21 July 2016Q&A with Ralf Peters, Chief of UNCTAD's Trade Information Section
21 July 2016Launch of UNCTAD DITC and Virtual Institute online NTM training course
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Classification of NTMs
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Guidelines to collect data on NTMs
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