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UNCTAD, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the World Bank are forming a partnership called the Transparency in Trade (TNT) Initiative.

This aims to facilitate collection of tariffs and non-tariff measures (NTM) and other trade data, harmonization of NTMs, and provide free and open access the data collected.

Key elements include open access to a series of trade-related tools and underlying databases.

These are:

+ World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)

WITS is an application software developed by the World Bank with close collaboration with UNCTAD. It is aimed at integrating under one application such trade-related databases as UNCTAD-TRAINS (see below) and WTO IDB and CTS databases, as well as UN COMTRADE.

The application offers a user-friendly data view interface that provides access to the databases covering imports, exports and protection data (tariff and non-tariff measures) over time. Users may obtain detailed data for individual countries. They may also create their own country and product aggregation.

Building on these data extraction facilities, WITS also contains a simulation 'toolkit' that assesses the impact of various trade policy scenarios in terms of trade and welfare effects, among various other economic indicators.

To start WITS, users are invited to register here.


TRAINS is a comprehensive database at the most disaggregated level of Harmonized System (HS), covering tariff and non-tariff measures as well as import flows by origin for more than 150 countries.

Tariff information contains not only applied MFN tariff rates, but also to the extent possible, various preferential regimes including GSP, RTA and PTA rates as well as many bilateral agreement rates.

Imports flow is drawn from UN COMTRADE whenever the flow has been reported therein. However, for a country/year for which imports flow is not reported in COMTRADE, mirror trade is used instead. Non-tariff measures (NTMs) are collected and classified according to the NTM classification system developed for this purpose.

A new classification system was introduced in 2009 and the NTM data from that year onward are classified accordingly.

Access to TRAINS is provided through WITS.

+ The Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP) (Cooperation between WTO and UNCTAD)

I-TIP provides a single entry point for information compiled by the WTO on trade policy measures.

Containing information on over 25,000 measures, I-TIP covers both tariff and non-tariff measures affecting trade in goods as well as information on trade in services, trade in government procurement markets, regional trade agreements and the accession commitments of WTO members.

Its aim is to serve the needs of those seeking detailed information on trade policy measures as well as those looking for summary information.

To access I-TIP, please click here.


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