National Green Export Reviews

UNCTAD’s technical assistance activities to advance a green economy

National Green Export Reviews (NGERs) are UNCTAD's response to emerging country demand for assessments of national potential to advance the development of national green sectors to generate new employment and export opportunities while promoting sustainable development.

Through NGERs, UNCTAD works in a close partnership with countries seeking to strengthen their green economies. Specifically, through an interactive national stakeholder process, NGERs assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition to design and implement green economy policies and to establish regulatory and institutional frameworks, as well as cooperative G2B and B2B mechanisms, to strengthen the capacity, efficiency and competitiveness of their green sectors.

Analytically identifying national export strengths in particular green goods and services using UNCTAD's green product space methodology and stakeholder inputs; assessing national trade and trade-related policies; and developing a national action plan to boost production and exports in selected green sectors are central elements of an NGER.

NGERs are demand-driven. The first step in any NGER project involves an official request from a government to undertake a project. UNCTAD then works with a designated national ministry to launch and implement the project.

As of January 2017, UNCTAD has received expressions of interest in NGERs from over twenty countries. NGERs have been launched in Ecuador, Vanuatu, Morocco, Ethiopia, Oman, Madagascaar, Lebanon. Two other NGERs are in preparation for Kazakhstan and Senegal.

To date, financial support for NGERs has been provided by UNCTAD and the United Nations Development Account under project 1415L.

Senegal’s NGER is mainly funded through a grant from the Islamic Development Bank, which also provides substantive support to the project.

For more information on NGERs please consult the following:NGER-Brief-12-2015.pdfNGER Brief 


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21 March 2017Vanuatu assesses its green export potential
Islamic Development Bank
15 November 2016Islamic Development Bank to support National Green Export Review project in Senegal
04 May 2016Morocco's rosemary, thyme and olive producers propose national actions to improve production efficiency, output and product quality
24 February 2016Ecuadorian officials trained on green industrial policy measures
Flag of Ecuador
10 February 2016Greening Ecuador's exports of cacao-chocolate and fishery products: no easy task
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