Knowledge Development

The Knowledge Development Branch aims to enhance knowledge and capacities in developing countries in the areas of trade, development and interrelated issues ,including through policy design.

It covers two programmes:

Customized for policymakers, trade practitioners and training institutions, these programmes take a cross-divisional approach in their curricula development and delivery. 

The content, delivery and impact have expanded over time thanks largely to the commitment and support of donor countries, partners on the one hand and the in-house collaboration from various Divisions on the other. 

The qualities of both programmes have wide recognition amongst beneficiaries. 

The integration of innovative methods and tools in the programmes are essential features that provide sustainable support at the local level.





23 October 2015UNCTAD brings together port professionals from around the world to improve competitiveness with 'port performance scorecard'
12 October 2015Port Managers in Côte d'Ivoire complete UNCTAD training
03 August 2015UNCTAD helps Haiti's port officials improve their skills as the port at Port-au-Prince is rebuilt
02 March 2015UNCTAD Secretary-General certifies port managers in Djibouti
02 December 2014Strengthening capacities of West African countries to harmonize e-commerce legislation in the region
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