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Developing electronic commerce legislation

Since 2000, the UNCTAD e-Commerce and Law Reform Programme has supported developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in their efforts to establish legal regimes that address the issues raised by the electronic nature of ICTs to ensure trust in online transactions, ease the conduct of domestic and international trade online, and offer legal protection for users and providers of e-commerce and e-government services.

UNCTAD helps to build the capacity of policymakers and lawmakers at national and regional levels in understanding the underlying issues underpinning e-commerce. The assistance targets, in particular, ministry officials in charge of law reform who need to learn more about the legal implications of ICTs; parliamentarians who have to examine new cyberlaws; and legal professionals who enforce new legislation.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • Electronic Transactions and Electronic Signatures
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Consumer Protection
  • Computer Crime
  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition
  • Taxation
  • Information Security

The programme is supported through funding provided by the Government of Finland.



17 March 2015UNCTAD E-Commerce Week
02 December 2014Strengthening capacities of West African countries to harmonize e-commerce legislation in the region
24 September 2014Cyberlaw adoption in Latin America moves forward
31 March 2014West African countries helped to harmonize cyber laws at UNCTAD workshop in Ghana
23 February 2014UNCTAD helps West African countries harmonize cyber laws
23 October 2013Public procurement can boost IT sector, experts say
24 September 2013UNCTAD review of ASEAN e-commerce laws published
cyber legislation
30 April 2013Commonwealth parliamentarians discuss best practices in cyber legislation
26 December 2012UNCTAD and ASEAN identify critical issues in harmonizing e-commerce laws
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization
28 November 2012Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization and UNCTAD form strategic partnership
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