Economic Community of West African States

The ECOWAS has a legal framework on e-transactions (Supplementary Act A/SA.2/01/10), cybercrime (Directive 1/08/11) and personal data protection (Supplementary Act A/SA.1/01/10) which is yet to be implemented by its Member States.

UNCTAD's assistance in the ECOWAS commenced in 2013 and involves:

  • Capacity building of key lawmakers and policymakers in the area of e-commerce legislation to facilitate the implementation of legal and regulatory frameworks at the national level
  • Assistance in drafting national e-commerce legal frameworks
  • The publication of a comparative regional review on the harmonization of e-commerce legislation within the region

UNCTAD will partner with the ECOWAS Commission, the Commission of the African Union, the ITU and UNICITRAL in delivering this project.

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