Measuring the Information Economy

Measurement_300x310.gifUNCTAD's work on measuring the information economy includes data collection, technical assistance, development of methodology, and research.

UNCTAD collects statistical data from developing countries through an annual survey, based on the core list of ICT indicators: on ICT use in enterprises and on the ICT sector. The data is used for research and analysis, for example in the annual Information Economy Report, and is published in UNCTAD's statistics portal, UNCTADStat.

Technical assistance consists of building the capacity of countries to produce official statistics on the information economy, and to use those statistics to guide ICT policies. Developing countries that would like to receive technical assistance on ICT measurement should send an email to

UNCTAD is also a founding member of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development, which works to define, harmonize and produce internationally comparable ICT indicators.

UNCTAD has produced a training course, a manual, and other technical documentation on information economy statistics. It is also working on measuring international trade in ICT services and ICT-enabled services, on developing gender-based ICT indicators, as well as on measuring impact.  

This work contributes to the implementation of the outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society, which called for indicators to measure the digital divide, and for strengthening the statistical capacity of developing countries.







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