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The UNCTAD Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) is an integrated customs management system for international trade and transport operations in a modern automated environment.

Advanced software applications are designed and developed for customs administrations and the trade community to comply with international standards when fulfilling import, export and transit related procedures.

Through its ASYCUDA Programme, UNCTAD aims at:

  • Modernizing customs operations and helping to improve revenue collection

  • Facilitating trade efficiency and competitiveness by substantially reducing transaction time and costs

  • Improving security by streamlining procedures of cargo control, transit of goods and clearance of goods

  • Helping fight corruption by enhancing the transparency of transactions

  • Promoting sustainable development by cutting down on the use of paper, through the use of electronic transactions and documents



Small Island
20 December 2016Remote Pacific islands need trade to survive, celebrate 15 years of automated customs
16 September 2016UNCTAD eyes an agricultural future for successful customs automation
22 December 2015UNCTAD to help Kazakhstan modernize customs administration
08 May 2015Customs officials from Côte d'Ivoire visit UNCTAD
15 July 2014CITES Secretariat and UNCTAD join forces to assist customs authorities to regulate trade in wildlife
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 ASYCUDA Newsletters

ASYCUDA Newsletter, June/July 2015 (UNCTAD/WEB/DTL/ASYCUDA/2015/1)
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ASYCUDA Newsletter, June 2014 (UNCTAD/WEB/DTL/ASYCUDA/2014/1)
ASYCUDA Newsletter, December 2013 (UNCTAD/WEB/DTL/ASYCUDA/2013/3)
ASYCUDA Newsletter, June 2013 (UNCTAD/WEB/DTL/ASYCUDA/2013/2)
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ASYCUDA World Report 2011
ASYCUDA World Report 2011: Handbook of global customs automation

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