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Transport Infrastructure and Services

Transport infrastructure and services, including shipping, ports, roads and railways are essential for global merchandise trade and related supply chains.

In accordance with its mandate, UNCTAD is carrying out work to help developing countries improve their transport systems and ensure better access to worldwide markets. In its intervention, UNCTAD is increasingly adopting a wider and multifaceted perspective that crosses modes and dimensions to better reflect the new realities and trends that are currently reshaping the transport sector landscape including growth in multimodal transport, extended supply chains and the growing importance of environmental sustainability objectives.

When undertaking research and analytical work, consensus building activities as well as technical assistance and capacity building initiatives, particular focus is put on building the regulatory and institutional capacities, developing and strengthening policies and promoting technical skills and expertise.

Main activities and areas of intervention include:

  • Review of Maritime Transport

  • Transport Newsletter

  • Liner Shipping Connectivity

  • Financing sustainable freight transport

  • Maritime policy

  • Technical assistance programmes and partnerships



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28 January 2015UNCTAD and WTO launch partnership on Integrated Trade Database
20 November 2014World seaborne trade grew by just 3.8% in 2013, new report reveals
17 September 2014Small islands must explore the value of the "oceans economy" and develop sustainable and resilient transport systems
27 August 2014Oceans economy and sustainable transport systems at the heart of Third SIDS Conference in Samoa
14 August 2014Maritime Piracy: New two-part report published by UNCTAD
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