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Trade Facilitation

Long waiting times at borders, inappropriate fees, cumbersome formalities, and inadequate or unclear rules and regulations, can all become serious obstacles to trade, and as a consequence adversely affect investment, employment and trade-led development.

UNCTAD assists developing countries in identifying their particular trade and transport facilitation needs and priorities, and helps them program the implementation of specific trade and transport facilitation measures.

UNCTAD organizes workshops and seminars at the regional and national levels, publishes relevant information and training material, and provides technical assistance through numerous projects.9



01 November 2013New Online Repository on National Trade Facilitation Bodies launched
28 August 2013Easing transport for landlocked developing countries
RMT 2012
04 December 2012Review of Maritime Transport cites stiff challenges for shipping industry
02 August 2012UNCTAD's ASYCUDA proving a vital tool for modernizing Palestinian Customs procedures
30 Nov 11 - UNCTAD launches a project to develop Palestinian trade facilitation capacity
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