Trade Logistics: Transport and Trade Facilitation for Development

UNCTAD partners with developing countries to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the areas of transport infrastructure, trade facilitation and logistics, related administrative, procedural and legal frameworks, and customs automation.

UNCTAD's work in the field of transport and trade facilitation includes:

  • Research and analysis

  • Dissemination of information on recent developments

  • Providing advice to developing countries when formulating and implementing policies and programmes

  • Assisting in the development and implementation of national legal frameworks in line with international legal instruments and standards, and providing support to developing countries in the context of multilateral negotiations

  • Providing technical assistance in the field of transport and trade facilitation

  • Supporting consensus building through intergovernmental Expert Meetings

  • Providing technical assistance, training and advanced software solutions for modernisation of Customs Administrations' clearance procedures and systems, in line with international standards and best practice



United Nations
25 January 2018In Africa’s Great Lakes region, UNCTAD helps build peace through cross-border trade
05 January 2018Developing countries should continue trade-easing reforms in wake of WTO deal
Trade Facilitation
06 December 2017Benin and Nigeria a step closer of implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
Goal 12
16 November 2017Making freight sustainable is vital to curb emissions
22 February 2017Major global agreement comes into force making trade cheaper, easier and faster
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Trade Facilitation 

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