unctad.org | Publication launch: Trade and Development Report 2012
Publication launch: Trade and Development Report 2012
12 September 2012

Key Issues

Trade and Development Report 2012Trade and Development Report 2012:
Policies for inclusive and balanced growth
In the context of the ongoing fall-out from the global financial crisis, income distribution is back to the centre of economic analysis and policies. Trade and Development Report 2012 will explore the linkages between income distribution, growth and development. It will analyse the evolution of income inequality over the last decades in different regions and groups of countries. It will also examine the explanations given for the widespread rise of inequality. The report will question the thesis that rising inequality is a necessary condition for successful development. Based on a comprehensive theory of economic policy elaborated in former reports, TDR 2012 will argue that only inclusive development policies create the conditions for sustainable and rapid growth. The still unresolved financial crisis and its negative effects on global economic growth make a new approach towards inequality the more urgent.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT on 12 September 2012
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