unctad.org | 23rd EMPRETEC Directors Meeting
23rd EMPRETEC Directors Meeting
06 - 07 December 2016
09:00-17:30 hrs., Room XXVII, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

The 23rd Empretec Directors Meeting will give participants an opportunity to review the advances of the Empretec network over the past twelve months and discuss strategic issues, such as the harmonization of training methodologies and how to assess the impact of entrepreneurship in their respective countries. The Empretec centres will report on activities and business development challenges.

The Empretec meeting will take place in parallel to the annual meeting of the Trade and Development Board (TDB), UNCTAD's governing body.

Representatives from Empretec centres will also have an opportunity to attend one of the TDB events on enhancing local supply capacity and facilitating the integration of local SMEs into value chains.

Partnerships and outreach activities will be discussed with Directors and speakers from the Politecnico di Milano will present the PoliMI Open Knowledge course "Entrepreneurship without borders" developed in partnership with UNCTAD.

For more information on Empretec, visit http://empretec.unctad.org/







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