UNCTAD attendance of the IV edition of the Ibero-American Forum of Consumer Government Agencies (FIAGC)
15 - 16 November 2012
Plaza San Francisco Hotel
Santiago de Chile, Chile

Key Issues

FIAGC (Ibero-American Forum of Consumer Protection Agencies) brings together consumer protection agencies from the Iberoamerican region to discuss issues of common concern. In accordance with Article 2 of their by-laws, FIAGC has its ultimate objective to promote cooperation amongst consumer protection agencies in Ibero-America through the exchange of experiences in order to improve public policy making on consumer protection matters and establish a mechanism of coordination between government agencies.

The 4th FIAGC meeting in Santiago de Chile marked the beginning of the Pro Tempore Presidency of Chile of this Forum. It addressed several issues: product quality and security, service quality and security, e-commerce and financial services. This agenda was closely coordinated with UNCTAD's II International Consumer Protection Forum held in Lima to avoid redundancies and favour synergies between fora. UNCTAD presented the project to revise the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection, which got such a favourable reception it has been included in the working plan of FIAGC.

Chile, holding the Pro Tempore Presidency, will lead the input of FIAGC's members into the revision of the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection, among other projects such as the finalisation of the Consumer Protection Atlas, a project led by Brazilian Consumer Authority. In addition, FIAGC Annual Conference mandated to review the strategic intervention of FIAGC in the years to come and for this particular initiative, it created a Special Task Force composed by key members of FIAGC.

Co-organized with:Consumer Authority of Chile (SERNAC)
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Pierre Horna
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E-mail: Pierre.Horna@unctad.org
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