unctad.org | Lecture: The changing landscape of soveriegn debt
Lecture: The changing landscape of soveriegn debt
11 April 2013
13:30-14:30 hrs., Room XXIII, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

In cooperation with the Permanent Mission of the United States of America, UNCTAD is hosting a talk and discussion to be led by Mr. Andrew Haviland, Director, United States Department of State, Office of Monetary Affairs, and United States Representative to the Paris Club.

The heavily indebted poor countries initiative successfully helped many low-income countries sharply reduce their external debt burdens, allowing these countries to make more resources available to fight poverty, address social concerns and invest in needed infrastructure.

These countries are now working to maintain their debt at a sustainable level and take advantage of new sources of credit to finance development investments.

The speaker will discuss the opportunities and challenges that the changing landscape of sovereign debt creates for the international community.

Refreshments and sandwiches will be served.



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