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Virtual Institute Workshop on Trade and Poverty Analysis
26 - 28 June 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

​The Virtual Institute Trade and Poverty project sponsored by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Government of Finland will host a mid-way workshop for researchers selected to write papers analyzing policy-relevant issues linked to poverty alleviation in their countries. The workshop will allow the opportunity to present work in progress and get feedback from Geneva experts and fellow project participants.

The 14 research projects, conducted in cooperation with national policymakers representing 13 countries, will allow the academics to apply empirical skills learned through the  first phase of the Vi project. Three researchers from Latin America (Argentina and Costa Rica), will focus on food crops and environmental products policies. The five African researchers from Benin, Congo, Kenya, Mauritius and Nigeria, will assess the effect of non-tariff barriers and external tariffs on agricultural products. In Asia, projects from China, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam center on agriculture and currency policies. And the researcher from Macedonia will examine the effectiveness of his country's agricultural subsidies. 

Mentoring the researchers are UNCTAD experts, Rashmi Banga, Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Marco Fugazza, Alessandro Nicita, Amelia Santos-Paulino and Claudia Trentini, as well as WTO's Marion Jansen and Vi trade and poverty course co-author, Nicolás Depetris Chauvin.




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