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UNCTAD participates at the VII Central American Competition Forum
29 - 30 August 2013
Hotel Sheraton Presidente
San Salvador, El Salvador

Key Issues

At the kind invitation of the Presidency of the Central American Competition Group, UNCTAD will participate at the VII Central American Competition Forum, which will be held in San Salvador from 29 to 30 August 2013. This activity is within the framework of the regional component of COMPAL II. The specific objectives of the  Central American Competition Group are to:
(i)         increase and encourage the compliance of national competition authorities in dealing with allegations of cross-border anticompetitive practices in Central America;
(ii)        achieve the commitment of the countries for the defense of competition so as to provide collaboration as necessary for the realization of the regional objectives;
(iii)       exchange experiences within the Central American countries that have competition laws and encourage the Group members that do not have competition laws in place to develop equivalent laws;
(iv)       foster a competition culture at the regional level
The main focus of the seventh meeting of the Central American Competition Forum is to follow-up on the critical roadmap towards the adoption of a regional competition law. In this regard, UNCTAD has been asked to provide a substantive contribution to address why a regional competition law should be enacted in Central America. The contribution consists of a study on cross-border sectors where allegations of anti-competitive conduct can be detected.
The audience of the Forum are Competition Authorities of the Central American Isthmus (including Panama and the Dominican Republic) as well as international partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and other regional partners.


The main outcome for UNCTAD is to move forward on the implementation of the regional study on cross-border. It is expected that Central American competition authorities will agree to the TORs presented by UNCTAD and start preparations to hire the needed resources to carry out this research.


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Co-organized with:Presidency Pro-tempore of the Central American Competition Group, Procompetencia of Nicaragua.
Sponsor / funding:UNCTAD's COMPAL Programme, Regional Component Account.
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