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Regional Workshop: Seizing the Low-carbon Investment Opportunity in Africa
06 - 08 November 2013
Durban, South Africa

Key Issues

Efforts to fight climate change and promote sustainable development have created many new investment opportunities. Between 2003 and 2012, foreign direct investment (FDI) in renewable energy, recycling activities and environmental technology manufacturing alone, accumulated close to half a trillion US dollars. In many countries, investment promotion agencies (IPAs) played an important role in attracting these investments.

The objective of the workshop is to enhance the understanding among IPAs in Africa of the global business opportunities for low-carbon FDI, drivers behind these investments, enabling policies that would set a conducive investment framework, and strategies for promoting green sectors. Renewable energy, new investment in cleantech as well as the greening of existing industries will be at the core of the discussions.

Participants will include senior investment promotion officials from African IPAs, policy makers, industry experts, representatives of international organizations and business executives.



Co-organized with:Trade & Investment Kwalazulu-Natal (TIKZN)
UNCTAD Investment Promotion Section
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