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UNCTAD TrainForTrade E-learning Course on the Legal Aspects of E-commerce
07 October - 08 November 2013
ECOWAS countries in West Africa,

Key Issues

​UNCTAD through its TrainForTrade* programme launched the TrainForTrade Project in West Africa beginning 2013, to strengthen capacities in the area of e-Commerce. As part of this project, and in cooperation with UNCTAD’s E-commerce and Law Reform programme*, and the ECOWAS Commission, TrainForTrade will run distance-learning courses on the Legal Aspects of E-Commerce, in English and French, from 7 October to 8 November 2013. ECOWAS countries in West Africa have been invited to participate in the course and over 80 participants have already registered. The training course is designed for policy and law makers in charge of drafting national legal frameworks on e-commerce and will be followed by face-to-face courses in 2014.

*TrainForTrade is a Programme of the Human Resources Development Section, KSTCD Branch, and the E-commerce and Law Reform programme is a programme of the ICT Analysis Section, both in the Division on Technology and Logistics

Language(s):English; French;
Dominique Chantrel, Distance Learning Officer
Human Resources Development Section, Knowledge Sharing,
Training and Capacity Development Branch
Cécile Barayre, Economic Affairs Officer
ICT Analysis Section, Science, Technology and ICT Branch
Division on Technology and Logistics/UNCTAD
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