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Consultations of the President of the Trade and Development Board
14 February 2014
3 p.m., Room XXVI, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

His Excellency, Ambassador Triyono Wibowo, President of the Trade and Development Board will hold consultations with member States on Friday, 14 February 2014, at 3 p.m. in room XXVI of the Palais des Nations.

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Pending terms of reference for the single-year Expert Meeting on the Impact of Access to Financial Services, Including by Highlighting Remittances on Development: Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth.

  2. Topics for single-year expert meetings in 2015 and 2016 (two per year).

  3. Update on UNCTAD 50 preparations.

  4. Revised calendar of meetings. The following changes are being proposed:

    1. Proposal to move the Public Symposium from 24–25 April to the week of the 50th anniversary of UNCTAD (17–18 June) in conjunction with the UNCTAD 50 celebrations.
    2. Proposal to hold an Ad Hoc expert meeting on the role of Competition in fostering Sustainable development instead of the Ad Hoc Expert meeting on Consumer policies, as listed in the draft calendar.
    3. Proposal to hold the Ad Hoc expert meeting on Monday 7 July 2014, and the IGE, fourteenth session, from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 July 2014.
    4. Proposal to move the induction course for delegates from 1 September to two half days on 8 and 9 September.
    5. Proposal to move the third session of the Multi-year expert meeting on Transport, Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation from December to November in order to ensure greater attendance.
  5. Other business.

Masoumeh Sahami
Secretary of the Trade and Development Board
7 February 2014


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