National workshop on the preparation of the 1st Working party meeting on the accession of Comoros to the WTO
23 - 27 June 2014
Hotel Retaj
Moroni, Comoros

Key Issues

The workshop is organised by UNCTAD in collaboration with the Comorian Vice Presidency in charge of Finance, Economy and Foreign Trade and in coordination with the UNDP office in Moroni.

Funding of this activity was possible thanks to the project on "Aid for Trade initiative for Arab States (AFTIAS)" which UNCTAD is one of the UN implementing Agency along with UNDP, ILO, UNIDO and ITC.

Some 40 officials, members of the inter-ministerial Committee, a national coordinating body of Comoros' accession to the WTO, will participate in the event.

The Union of Comoros accession process kick off when the WTO established in 2007 a working party on the accession of this small Island State which is also and LDC.

In 2012, UNCTAD at the request of Comoros assisted in the preparation of the Memorandum on Foreign Trade regime (MFTR). UNCTAD support enabled this country to finalise and submit the said document on July 2013, which constitutes a first step towards the accession negotiations.

This workshop will focus mainly on the preparation of replies to the series of more than 100 questions related to the legal and institutional aspects of Comoros' trade regime. As it is the practice in the WTO accession processes, these questions have been addressed to Comoros by WTO Members, following the circulation of the MFTR.

UNCTAD will provide technical advice and assist in the drafting of the replies.

Co-organized with:Vice Presidency in charge of Finance, Economy and Foreign Trade
Sponsor / funding:UNCTAD Trust Fund for WTO accessions- Financial contribution under the Project on “ Aid for Trade initiative for Arab States (AFTIAS)”
Phone: +41-0229175569


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